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Elbow injuries can be painful and frustrating. You may have received your elbow injury playing sports, from an accident or trauma, or from arthritis. What’s important is what you do to take care of your injury. Dr. Robert J. Lee, of Robert Lee Orthopedics, is experienced in all major elbow surgeries. Dr. Lee sees patients at either of his two offices in Idaho Falls and Blackfoot, Idaho. Call or book your appointment online today.

Elbow Q & A

What are the most common elbow injuries?

Elbow injuries can stop you from working, performing daily chores, and even attending important events in your life. Elbow-related injuries include:

  • Tennis elbow: the general term for the degeneration and inflammation of the tendons attached to the elbow joint, common in both adults and children; can be caused by repeated arm motions and overuse
  • Broken or fractured elbow: can be caused by chronic arthritis, normal wear and tear, or an injury from a traumatic event
  • Arthritis: can cause damage to the elbow joints through chronic inflammation

How is elbow replacement surgery performed?

If rest, medications, and other nonsurgical treatment options don’t work, Dr. Lee might recommend surgery.

There are different types of surgery; for more serious cases, a total or partial elbow replacement surgery may be the best choice. During this surgery, Dr. Lee removes the damaged part of the elbow and replaces them with artificial implants.

In an artificial elbow joint, a hinge joins high-quality metal stems together so they can bend. There are different sizes of artificial joints to fit everyone.

What can I expect for my recovery from elbow surgery?

Immediately following surgery, you’ll need to be monitored. If your surgery was complex, you might need to stay in the hospital until you’re ready to be sent home, which can be up to four days depending on the severity of your surgery.

Dr. Lee will likely give you pain medication and instruct you to rest. Your arm will be protected and held in a sling, and you will need to keep it elevated for around 48 hours.

Dr. Lee may send you for physical therapy once you’re ready to start regaining mobility. He may also suggest pain management as part of your recovery process. He will give you plenty of information, so you can feel confident that you’re as prepared as possible before and after your surgery.

Explore the valuable treatment options available for your elbow injury and find relief from your pain. Call or book your consultation online with Dr. Lee.