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FAQ regarding Hip Pain

Hip Q & A

What causes hip pain?

 Reasons for hip pain include:

Can the hip pain discomfort be felt in other areas?

Yes, depending on the condition causing your hip pain you may feel the discomfort in the :

What are some at-home treatments for hip pain?

There are numerous ways you can ease your hip pain without medication or surgery, including:

When should I seek medical help for hip pain?

Schedule an appointment if:

How do I know if I need medical help right away for hip pain?

Get medical help right away if:

What can I expect when I arrive for an appointment regarding hip pain?

Dr. Lee conducts a physical exam to assess the duration and severity of your hip pain. He may send you for an X-ray to determine any possible loss of cartilage in the hip socket. To confirm your diagnosis, Dr. Lee might send you for additional tests, like an MRI or a CT scan.

If surgery is needed, how is a hip replacement surgery performed?

During your hip replacement surgery, Dr. Lee surgically removes the damaged cartilage, ball-and-socket mechanism, and the head of the thighbone, and replaces them with artificial implants.

Are there different types of hip replacement surgeries?

Dr. Robert Lee will explain the the different options and which one he thinks will be the most suitable for you. Dr. Lee offers both the posterior and anterior approach to patients requiring hip replacement surgery. 

The anterior technique offers several theoretical advantages:

  • Less muscle trauma

  • Lower dislocation rate

  • Faster recovery

  • Less post operative pain

  • Less restrictions on hip range of motion

What can I expect for my recovery after hip replacement surgery?

The recovery period for a hip replacement surgery varies, but you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure you’ve set aside plenty of time to rest. The medical staff will monitor you and encouraged to sit up, or even attempt to walk with a walker or crutches, shortly after your surgery.

You may have to wear compression stockings or inflatable air sleeves on your lower legs to prevent blood clots, and Dr. Lee may prescribe additional medications.

Physical therapy is also a key part of your recovery and will help you get used to your new hip and maintain and improve your mobility. Your healing process begins immediately, so every step is important. 

Where should I start to address my hip pain? Is a referral from my family physician necessary?

If you are concerned with your hip pain, call 208.254.6480 to reach Dr. Robert Lee’s practice or book your appointment online at https://www.drleeorthopedics.com. If a referral is needed for insurance purposes, we will help coordinate with your physicians office. 

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